Jacks or Better Cheat Sheet

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Print out and follow these tips in order to maximize your playability. Take your time and really try to understand why these tips are the best move. It will make it easier for you to memorize and follow in the long run. You don’t have to rush, the video poker machine has no time limit.

1. Keep any cards that form a paying hand in the initial deal. This way you are guaranteed a win

2. If you are dealt a paying hand but also four cards to the flush (four cards of same suit), go with the flush draw if the other hand is of lesser value.

And if you are not automatically dealt a paying hand then follow this strategy (and if none of these hands are dealt, draw five brand new cards),

3. Hold on to any low pair (in hopes of making a 3 of a kind)

4. Hold onto any four cards that will make up a straight flush or Royal flush. It is also worth while to hold onto any three cards that can make up a straight or Royal Flush (the payout amount is worth the risk).

5. Hold onto any four consecutive cards (in hopes of making a straight).

6. Hang onto any J, Q, K or Ace (since your best chance in this case is making a paying pair).

7. Hold onto any two high cards of the same suit (or different suit).

8. And finally, hold onto any single high card (J, Q, K, A).