The Ultimate Online Video Poker Guide

Do you love poker? Do you ever want to play your favorite game but aren’t in the mood to find a table and compete against other players; waiting patiently as slow players take their time making their moves, the guilt of winning a big hand and then getting up to cash out or simply just want to enjoy the game but not have to spend hours getting through a few hands? If this describes your feelings then video poker is the game for you! Better yet, this game is found in every casino, land and online, where many poker games can only be found in a select amount of casinos or in an establishment designed specifically for poker (where the option of playing something different, blackjack, roulette, etc. is not an option).

Video Poker is a machine that looks similar to a slot machine where individual players can sit down, individually, and put their poker skills to the test at a number of different poker variations. You can bet whatever amount you choose and don’t have to worry about slow players, players at a higher skill level taking the pot and since you are the only player you can feel free to quit at any point you like.

Every video poker machine has a number of different poker variations for the player to choose from. They will outline the rules of the game and list the amount of coins which will be paid out to the player for achieving a specific hand, depending of course on how many coins were played. And the best characteristic of the video poker machine/game is its payout potential. Unlike every other game in the casino, it is said that the Video Poker game is the only game that, in the long run, is in favor of the player. You can expect positive returns if you are patient and have a large enough bankroll to get you there. Eventually you will notice the money accumulating and before you know it, you have beaten the casino. A feat that not many gamblers can boast.

Video Poker is very fun, exciting, potentially very profitable and best of all very easy to play. All you need to know in order to play is the basic poker rules and hands and a little bit of strategy. Eventually you will develop a strategy of your own but in the mean time, here at Video Poker Today we have summarized everything you need to know about video poker and made it easy for you to navigate our site and take in this information. You will find a brief history about the video poker machine, a look into the world of online video poker, the rules of poker, some basic strategy for some of the more popular video poker games and a thorough list of poker terms that you will likely come across sometime or another. We have also set up a section where you can directly access a number of very reputable online casinos that offer fantastic Video Poker games. Enjoy!